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Discount pHenomenal Water - One gallon

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pHenomenal Water - One gallon

pHenomenal Water - One gallon
pHenomenal Water - One gallon

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pHenomenal Water - One gallon.
Product Description
One gallon of phenomenal is the handiest and most economical way to go. This package includes a complimentary one ounce pump (regularly $9.95).The active ingredient in pHenomenal is Hydroxide.Everyone knows that water is H2O, right? This means that water has two Hydrogen molecules, and one Oxygen molecule. Hydroxide, on the other hand, only has one Hydrogen molecule with one Oxygen molecule. Instead of H2O, pHenomenal is actually OH. Before pHenomenal came along, there was no way to actually stabilize (and utilize!) the power of Hydroxide, especially in such a strong concentration.pHenomenal is a powerful alkaline Hydroxide solution that has been charged with free electrons. This makes pHenomenal the strongest antioxidant in the world. Our alkaline solution gives you free, usable electricity that instantly converts into usable energy for your body's hungry cells.Hydroxide seeks out and binds with Hydrogen (which is acidity) in your body, and simply becomes H2O, or water. This leaves your body in a balanced state. Most of us are overly acidic all the time, and desperately need this balancing solution (as well as much needed energy!). pHenomenal is created using heat, strong magnetism, and simple mineral buffers. As long as pHenomenal is in the bottle, the Hydroxide will remain stable, and neither heat nor cold will weaken it. pHenomenal is incredibly concentrated, and should only be mixed with mineral-free water that is either distilled, reverse osmosis, or water that has gone through a home filtration system (i.e. Britta Filter). pHenomenal (mixed or in concentrate) should not be left open to air for long periods of time. It is still safe to drink, but it's not quite as strong. One gallon of pHenomenal is definitely the most economical way to go, and this package includes the one ounce pump (regularly $9.95) for free.

  • pHenomenal is the world's strongest alkaline water concentrate (12.5 pH).
  • pHenomenal is the fastest way to lower acidity in the blood.
  • pHenomenal is the only product we know of with an active ingredient called Hydroxide, which seeks acidity and literally pulls it out of your body!
  • pHenomenal will swiftly balance your pH levels with amazing power and effectiveness.
  • pHenomenal will increase your body's absorption of important vitamins and minerals, slow down the aging process, and enhance immune system functioning.

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