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Sony DVP-NC675P/B DVD Player

Sony DVP-NC675P/B DVD Player

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Sony DVP-NC675P/B DVD Player

Sony DVP-NC675P/B DVD Player
Simplify a little: use Sony's 5-disc, DVP-NC675P/B DVD player as your one-point source for your favorite movies and music. The player gives you all the convenience of a carousel changer--continuous playback, play exchange, dual-format DVD/CD performance--as well as quality features like progressive-scan outputs with Precision Cinema Progressive technology and cool enhancements like Sony's Precision Drive 3 system for playing damaged discs. The DVP-NC675P/B plays just about any disc out there, from DVD-Video to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW, in addition to playing digital JPEG photos and hours of MP3 music from files burned to CD-R/CD-RW discs.

Whether your living room is currently home to an HDTV or you're merely thinking of "someday," the DVP-NC675P/B stands ready to deliver the full potential of your DVDs through Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive deinterlacer (scanning) with 3:2 pulldown processing. Progressive scanning, referred to as 480p for the number of horizontal lines that compose the video image, creates a picture using twice the scan lines of a conventional DVD picture, giving you higher resolution and sharper images while eliminating nearly all motion artifacts.

Precision Cinema Progressive technology uses a 12-bit video DAC (digital-to-analog converter) with 54 MHz processing to detect image changes at the pixel level, rather than at the level of whole scan lines. That makes this player's picture more faithful to the source--whether film or video--because it uses separate, optimized algorithms to handle different pixel behaviors. Separate algorithms are also used to process the moving and still parts of an image, resulting in sharp backgrounds with moving objects that are free from motion artifacts.

DVD mastering introduces a common distortion when adjusting 24 frames-per-second movies to 30 fps video; 3:2 reverse pulldown digitally corrects this distortion, removing the redundant information to display a film-frame-accurate picture. Composite- and S-video outputs bring compatibility with nearly any television.

Both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel surround-sound signals can also be routed through the player's digital-audio outputs (one each of RCA coaxial and Toslink optical) for a simpler connection to a compatible AV receiver (but be aware that digital-audio interconnects are not supplied).

Precision Drive 3 provides a mechanism for reading DVDs that are in less than perfect condition, eliminating errors in playback due to imperfect, scratched, or warped discs. Past generations of Precision Drive technology were only able to compensate for warped discs by moving the entire optical block, which took more time and limited the amount of correction possible. This newer system simplifies the process by moving just the lens (instead of the entire optical block) for faster and more accurate error correction.

As soon as you hook up the DVD player, a special Quick Setup screen appears ready to guide you through configuration, step by step, screen by screen. DVD resume memory kicks in whenever you stop a DVD. Later, when you come back to it, the player will pick up right where you left off before. The player holds resume points for up to six discs.

Other playback features include 10-second instant replay,

  • 5-disc DVD/CD Changer
  • 480P Output
  • Precision Drive 3 System with Dynamic Tilt Compensation
  • DVD-RW/-R (VR and Video Mode) DVD+RW/+R Playback
  • Dolby Digital and dts Decoding Compatible

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